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Thursday June 13, 2024
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Published & web resources

In the Published & web resources area, PECOB offers an up-to-date database of information regarding publications on Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans. From this section, a growing list of pusblished books in different languages can be accessed, with accurate information on contents and authors. Some of the books are available for download. In addition, another section of the area Published & web resources lists academic journals whose focus is on East European studies in a range of different disciplines: political sciences, international relations, anthropology, sociology, economics and so on.
Finally, PECOB publishes web resources as international reports, which are written by its numerous contributors. This section includes conference reports, articles and commentaries that touch upon issues related to Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


PECOB presents you a very updated and wide collection of journals and books published by international universities and scientific institutions.


International Reports

PECOB offers you a series of reports and contributions of various kind written by anyone who organizes or takes part in academic activities and cultural events. The section gives also space to commentaries, interpretations and analyses of main political events people took part or would like to comment on. It also offers newsletter issues and bulletins intended to give information on a continuous basis about the activities carried out by research centers and institutions collaborating with PECOB.



Browse a reviewed collection of online news resources, including:



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