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Tuesday July 16, 2024
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You are on the Portal on Central
Eastern and Balkan Europe (PECOB),
a project promoted by IECOB and AIS.

East, rivista internazionale di geopolitica

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Find more information about business related topics, including business climate analyses, dossier about specific issues, logistics reports and business news.

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Browse a reviewed collection of online news resources, including quick (RSS) news, newspapers, magazine, news agencies, news websites, radio and television channels.


PECOB provides a large collection of journals about Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkan (CEEB) countries. Journals are indexed by subject, author and title. PECOB welcomes further journals dealing with the CEEB area's problems and helping to promote a better cross-cultural understanding.


PECOB offers a significant number of scientific publications, mainly in English. The books focus primarily on the economics, politics, history and social and cultural studies in the East –Central Europe countries and the Balkans since the 90s, and to these areas' influence on the widening Europe.



Browse state, state related institutions, academic centers or associations of scholars based in the region or dealing with the region.



Become a part of the new PECOB's e-community site along with other fellow academics, students and practitioners involved in Central and Eastern Europe's and Balkans' research.


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Journal Southeastern Europe

JSEE is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish innovative research on contemporary developments in Southeastern Europe. Southeastern Europe embraces multi- and interdisciplinary scholarship and comparative approaches.

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Studi Slavistici

Studi Slavistici is an AIS initiative and it is the first scholarly Italian journal devoted to this discipline systematically published online.