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Cracow is one of the most beauiful cities in Europe for its history and architecture. Also thanks to the presence of the Jagiellonian University, the city is crowded with young people that give the city a modern and dynamic look.

All pictures have been taken by Saverio Francesco Massari in April 2005

01. Saint Florian's gate

A tower over a gate, part of the city walls

Saint Florian's gate is connected with the central square of Cracow by Ulica Floriańska, one of the most crowded streets of the town centre.

See the picture "Saint Florian's gate"


02. Saint Mary's basilica

The facade of highbrick church with two asymmetric bell towers.

Saint Mary's Basilica has two bell towers, one higher than the other. The legend tells that two brothers were to build the towers; when the first ended his, he decided to kill his brother in order to make sure that his tower would be the highest, but soon afterwards committed suicide in remorse.

See the picture "Saint Mary's basilica"


02. The main market square

Picture of a big yellow arched building in a large square.

The main market square is the central square of Cracow.  In the centre of the square there are the Sukiennice (the Cloth Hall).

See the picture "The main market square"


03. The bishop's palace, mourning for John Paul II's death

A yellow building; many candles on a little wall in front of it.

Pope John Paul II has left a deep sign in Cracow, where he has been bishop. After his death, people from all parts of Poland came here to mourn him.

See the picture "Saint Mary's basilica"


05. Wawel Cathedral

A composite cathedral. One of the cupola is covered with gold

The most ancient buildings of Cracow are located on the Wawel hill. In the picture, you see the cathedral where the crowning of Polish kings used to take place, and where they were buried after their death.

See the picture "Wawel Cathedral"


06. Zygmunt's bell

A very big bell in a wooden structure

The Wawel cathedral has a huge bell known as Zygmunt'sbell, in honour of the ancient Polish king buried in the Cathedral.

See the picture "Zygmunt's bell"


07. The Vistula river

Panoramic view of the river and the river bak where people are walking

From the top of the Wawel hill there is a great view on the city and the river that crosses it.

See the picture "The Vistula river"


08. Shops in the Jewish district

A few shops with old-looking shop signs.

Cracow had a large Jewish ghetto; massive deportations took place here during Nazi occupation. Nowadays, the nieghbourhood strives to keep its Jewish look, but at the same time has become a favourite are for pub crawling.

See the picture "Shops in the Jewish district"


09. Inside

A wood stove inside a bar.

Old shops and bars have become comfortable places where it is still possible to find atmospheres of the past.

See the picture "Shops in the Jewish district"


10. A rabbi is telling the history of the ghetto

A group of young people wearing the traditional Jewish headcloth sit next to a synagogue and listen to a rabbi.

A rabbi guides a group of young Israeli through the Jewish neighbourhood.

See the picture "A rabbi is telling the history of the ghetto"


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