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Shkodër is one of the biggest city in the north of the country and the main centre of the catholic enclave in Albania. Nonetheless, different faiths cohexist in Shkodër and seem to have found an equilibrium of respect. The periphery of the city developed significantly because of the flux of immigrants coming from the villages in the mountains.

All pictures have been taken by Saverio Francesco Massari in July 2007

01. The Shkodër Chathedral

The side of a yellow church and a belltower in a quiet street.

The Shkodër cathedral has been reopened for worshippers only after the fall of the communist regime htat more than in other countries was charcterised by anti-religious and anti-clerical persecutions. During communist times, this church was used as a sport centre.

See the picture "The Shkodër Chathedral"


02. A view from the Sigurimi headquarter in Shkodër

An empty room, with no furniture, and with its walls partly demolished.

The repressions of the regime took place through the action of its police, called "Sigurimi": in thse rooms political prisoners and dissidents where secluded and tortured. After the fall of the regime, the rage of the people destroyed everything: now, the building that hosted the headquarters of the police is a monastery.

See the picture "A view from the Sigurimi headquarter in Shkodër"


03. The minaret and the bell tower

A bell tower of a church and a minaret and mosque, located not very far one from the other.

Shkodër is a city a catholic majority but muslim and orthodox faith are present as well and seem to be able to live together without problems. Just a few meters one from the other lie a mosque, a catholic and an orthodox church.

See the picture "The minaret and the bell tower"


04. A young child dressing typical clothes

A young child is wearing a traditional white cloth with a red waistcoat.

In spite of the influences of the west, in holidays some rediscover traditional clothing; children are glad to pose for photographers, taking examples from models the see on television.

See the picture "A young child dressing typical clothes"


05. Childhood in the Shkodër suburb

Two chilren stand in front of a poor house.

Childhood can be very unpleasant for children in the suburbs: the precarious hygenic conditions are evident. Many of these children belong to families that moved to the town recently, and find it difficult to settle properly.

See the picture "Childhood in the Shkodër suburb"


06. A view from the main street in Shkodër

In a street with coloured renovated buildings, ladies with children talk quietly.

Recovery of th Shkodër seems to develop from the town centre. There are many crowded shops and buildings are renovated. There are also small souvenir shops, suggesting the presence of tourists.

See the picture "A view from the main street in Shkodër"


07. Old men playing domino

Four men sit around a box and play domino.

Under the shadow of some trees these elder people spend their days playing long domino games.

See the picture "Old men playing domino"


08. Riding in a chariot

Two children stand on a horse carriage.

The employment of horse carriages is widspread, especially to move goods and buliding materials. It is easy for anybody to rent a carriage.

See the picture "Riding in a chariot"


09. Two young boys selling cigarettes

Two children playing chess beside boxes of cigarettes and other merchandise.

Another common image of everyday life. Two children sell cigarettes and other things while playing chess.

See the picture "Two young boys selling cigarettes"


10. With my Albanian colleague Rovena Preka

Rovena Preka and Saverio Francesco Massari in front of the Shkodër cathedral.

Rovena Preka, a colleague of mine in my PhD programme, is native of a village not far from Shkodër, which pushed us to meet in Albania. Here we are next to the Shkodër Cathedral.

See the picture "With my Albanian colleague Rovena Preka"


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