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Siberia, people and landscapes

All pictures were taken by Daria Vakhoneva during a linguistic expedition in the Turukhansk district organised by the Moscow State University of Humanities (Rggu). The expedition was aimed at collecting audio records of the Ket and Evenk languages for further analysis and research.

Read more information about the expedition on its official website

1. Turukhansk Airport

A large wooden building, with "airport" written in big letters.

In spite of the fact that the the airport is a wooden building, inside there is a marble hall with columns.

See the picture "Turukhansk Airport"


2. Maduyka

A wooden house, next to a lake, no people around.

Maduyka is a tiny village with about 80 inhabitants. They belong to different Siberian ethnic groups (mostly Ket and Evenk).

See the picture "Maduyka"


3. A kid

A local child

A local child

See the picture "A kid"


4. A Ket

A man on a roof

A man from the Ket Siberian people

See the picture "A Ket"


5. A bivouac

Some wooden structures and a tent, not far froma lake

Herders from these regions often live in bivouacs

See the picture "A bivouac"


6. On lake Podvalnoe

A young man is drive a motorboat on a lake

A young Evenk on lake Podvalnoe

See the picture "On lake Podvalnoe"


7. A chum

A tent, in the middle of a grass field

This is a chum, a traditional dwelling used by Siberian herders

See the picture "A chum"


8. An Evenk

A young man sits next to a open air hearth

A young Evenk

See the picture "An Evenk"


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