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Young scholars' seminars

The conference "Eu and Russia, the challenges of a pan-European perspective" was held in Forlì on May 28 and 29 2007. The conference was followed by three days of seminars among PhD students and professors. The seminars have been a moment of discussion between junior and senior scholars on topics that are both related to the research projects of PhD students and to the panel presentations at the conference held on May 28-29.

1. Beginning of the conference

The three professors are sitting at a large table. Besides them a Russian, Italian and European union flag.

Professor Bianchini, Garzonio and Malfliet (from left to right) have been among the first to intervene at the conference.

See the picture "Beginning of the conference"


2. Russian speakers

Sergey Markov is sitting and speaking into a microphone.

A numerous Russian delegation participated to the conference. In the picture, Sergey Markov.

See the picture "Russian speakers"


3. End of the discussions

Many professors seat around the conference tables and clap hands.

The conference has been characterised by very lively discussions in a positive environment of mutual respect among the participants.

See the picture "End of the discussions"


4. Young scholars' seminars

Professors and PhD students are sitting around a round table, talk and take notes.

After the panel discussions at the conference, a restricted number of PhD students discussed their researches with each other and with senior professors.

See the picture "Young scholars' seminars"


5. Presenting each one's research

A PhD student is presenting her research at her colleagues.

Participants presented their research to their colleagues and to various professor in order to have helpful feedbacks.

See the picture "Presenting each one's research"


6. All together

All young scholars and a few professors and collaborators pose together for a picture.

All participants to the discussions pose together for a picture.

See the picture "All together"


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