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Managing Ethnic Diversity in Russia

edited by: Oleh Protsyk, Benedikt Harzl
published by: Routledge
pp: 282
ISBN: 978-1-13-881666-4
price: Paperback: $52.95

Book's frontpage

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the norms and practices of ethnic diversity management in the Russian Federation in the last twenty years. It examines the evolution of the legal framework, the institutional architecture and the policies intended to address the large number of challenges posed by Russia’s immense ethno-cultural diversity. It analyses the legal, social and political changes affecting ethno-cultural relations and the treatment of ethnic minorities, and assesses how ethnic diversity both influences and is shaped by transformations in Russian politics and society. It concludes by appraising how successful or otherwise policies have been so far, and by outlining the challenges still faced by the Russian Federation.


Table of contents

Introduction Benedikt Harzl and Oleh Protsyk

Part 1. Domestic and International Legal Framework
1. Russian Legislation in the Area of Minority Rights Bill Bowring
2. International Norms and Legal Status of Minority Languages in Russia Stefan Oeter
3. National-Cultural Autonomy Alexander Osipov

Part 2. Ethnic Federalism and Minority Governance
4. Federalism and Regionalism Hans Oversloot
5. Governance and Types of Political Regimes in Ethnic Regions Nikolai Petrov
6. The Northern Caucasus and Challenges of Minority Governance Anna Matveeva

Part 3. Majority and Minority Identities
7. Development of Majority and Minority Identities Emil Pain
8. Government Policies and Minority Identities Sergey Sokolovskiy

Part 4. Political Participation and Representation
9. Electoral Rules Robert Moser
10. Legislative Representation Paul Chaisty
11. Ethnic Mobilization Dmitry Gorenburg Conclusion Valerie Bunce

About the Editors

Oleh Protsyk is Lecturer in European Studies Program, University of Flensburg, Germany.

Benedikt Harzl is a Researcher at the Russian East European Eurasian Studies Centre at the University of Graz, Austria.


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