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Thursday July 29, 2021
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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

PECOB's Network

The PECOB project staff would like to thank its many contributors. Without them the project would not have been nearly as successful.
The Istituto per l'Europa Centro Orientale e Balcanica (Institute for Central Eastern and Balkan Europe, IECOB) and the AIS - Associazione Italiana Slavisti (Italian Association of Slavists) are the main partners leading the PECOB project. Below you can find a description of IECOB and AIS, their aims and main activities. 

The Project Leaders


IECOB - Istituto per l'Europa Centro Orientale e Balcanica

The peculiarity of the Istituto lies in the active cooperation with the "Europe and the Balkans" International Network, a thick network of experts and scholars (over 250 from 36 European countries, the United States, Canada, Egypt, South Africa, India, Japan and Australia), who act as the International Academic Board of the Istituto, and thanks to which the Institute has an international dimension in all its initiatives.

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AIS - Associazione Italiana Slavisti

The "Association of Italian Slavists" is a free association of scholars with the aim to facilitate the progress of Slavic studies by creating a strong network connecting the individuals, study centres, foreign and Italian institutes that deal with the Slavic world, both on the national and on the international level. 
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