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Parliament Watch! | Strengthening the political debate and deliberative discourse


How lawmakers debate? Are sound arguments and respect of opposing views the main weapons in parliamentary battles or they fall under the shade of party monologs, fall speech, personal attacks and accusations?

The Institute for Democracy SOCIETAS CIVILIS Skopje (IDSCS) and the Institute for Central, Eastern Europe and the Balkans - (IECOB) began a project for monitoring the quality of debate in the Macedonian Parliament. The goal is to calculate the "Index of quality of debate " - (DQI) and to conclude about the quality of MPs argumentation, level of respect of different views and how they contribute in the process of law discussions and policy making during the parliament sessions in the period June 2014 – May 2015. The project will also analyze how the media report the MPs discussions. Does reporting focus is placed on the core of the discussions or information about scandals , tussle and indecent speech captures central place in media reports.

The results from the monitoring of the Parliament and the media are published and disseminated to media, the Parliament, political parties, civil society organizations, the academic community and the general public through monthly reports with the basic findings. After conducting 10 month monitoring the data will be used for conducting broader analysis and a study which will determine the level of deliberation in the decision making process in the Macedonian Parliament. 

Within the project, trainings for the political parties youth organizations are organized in terms of how to debate with arguments and respect to conflicting views in order to create better policies for the society.

The project activities are conducted during the period March 2014 to June 2015, a total period of 16 months.

The ultimate goal of the activities is to improve the quality of political debate and argumentation in the creation and development of countries policies. Moreover, by creating a culture of debate based on arguments and encouraging party youths to cultivate such expression , the goal is to increase public involvement in public policies creation.

The " Parliament watch. Strengthening political debate and deliberative discourse in the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia" project is financed by the 'European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights' - EIDHR

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