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First report on monitoring of media reporting on the work of the Parliament

June - September 2014


In the period 19 June – 30 September, newspapers and televisions mostly mentioned the Assembly in the context of broader political events. Much less they informed specifically about the content of debates and the arguments brought about by MPs during plenary sessions and sessions of the committees in the Assembly.

Therefore, the public was deprived of information concerning the topics of discussion in the Assembly. It also remained uninformed about large part of the content and arguments which were delivered in favor or against the proposed legislations.

Newspapers published in Albanian language reported more frequently information regarding the Assembly than those published in Macedonian. However, newspapers published in Macedonian reported more frequently about the contents of parliamentary discussions.  

The most frequent sources of information published in the media about the Assembly originated from the MPs.  More frequently the media contained statements and standpoints that refer to only on political faction. In most of the cases, pieces of information originated from MPs who belong to the political parties that are in the majority in the Assembly. In fewer cases the sources of information originated from active or elected MPs who belong to the opposition.


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