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Guida ai paesi dell'Europa centrale orientale e balcanica - Edition 2003

Edited by Stefano Bianchini, Francesco Privitera

Cover of Yearbook 2003
Cover of Yearbook 2003

The only entirely Italian-made work devoted to Central, Eastern, and Balkan Europe, this yearbook is essential, user-friendly and accurate, prepared by leading experts in the field.
It provides 22 Country Profiles from Russia to Turkey - including Greece, Cyprus, and the European Republics of the former Soviet Union- briefly describing the political, economic and international scene of each country and the chronology of the main events.
But first the Guide opens with a series of essays analysing an epoch-making change that has affected this area, namely the European Union's enlargement eastwards and its impact on the candidate countries, as well as on the countries excluded, both in the short and in the long run.
Thus it offers a convincing and updated picture of the broader themes concerning the relations between Europe and the United States, as well as the US and Russia, NATO's role and food safety policies, all within the framework in which the single country's problems occur: from Poland to Cyprus, the Kaliningrad question, instability in the Balkans, and the future of Turkey.
This Guide is a reference book providing also critical analysis, and has been bringing the readers up-to-date year after year since 1998.
It constitutes an essential tool for all those who -for business reasons or personal interest- need or wish to set in perspective the main developments in this area of Europe.



photo of Stefano Bianchini

Stefano Bianchini is Professor of East European Politics and History at the University of Bologna, School of Political Science "Roberto Ruffilli", Forlì campus.
He is also the scientific co-Director of the European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights of the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna, the Director of the Institute for Studies on East Central and Balkan Europe, at the University of Bologna and currently Vice president of the Association for Studies of Nationalities (ASN) based at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University.
Since 1992 he is the central coordinator of the «Europe and the Balkans International Network».
Stefano Bianchini is also a Member of the AAASS (the American association of Slavic Studies), the AIS (The Italian Association of Slavic Studies) and other associations.



tel: 0543-36304/23000
fax: 0543-377088

photo of Francesco Privitera

Political Study Area Coordinator, Francesco Privitera teaches History of Eastern Europe at the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators of the University of Bologna, in Forlì. He is an expert in Balkan matters and has dealt with the problems related to the emergence of nationalistic issues in Central Eastern and Balkan Europe during the post-communist transitions. He has written a number of volumes and essays, some of which have also been published abroad.



tel: +39 0543-36304/23000
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