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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Naida Čaršimamović Vukotić's's profile

Affiliation: PhD Candidate, School of Economics and Business of University of Sarajevo 
Full title: Ms.
Address: B. Mutevelića 2B, 71000, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +387 61 558 914


Main scientific activities

  • Essays on Effects of Fiscal Policy on Economic Activity, PhD Thesis (Thesis Proposal Approved in November 2011) within Bologna-based Economic PhD Programme of the Economics Faculty, University of Sarajevo, BiH (work in progress, expected to be completed by end 2012).

Other pubblications

  • 1. Integrated Budget Manual for BiH Including Program Budgeting Handbook, DFID's Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Project (February 2011).
  • 2. Parliamentary Budget Handbook, DFID's Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Project (September 2010)
  • Citizen Budget Guide, DFID's Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Project (May 2010).
  • 3. Brochure  for Cooperation of the Civil Society Organizations and Parliament, DFID's Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Project (January 2010).
  • 4. BiH Corporate Income Taxation: Making It Both Adherent to the EU Standards and Conducive to Improvement of BiH Competitiveness, Open Society Fund Policy Development Research Fellowship (March 2008).
  • 5. Corporate Tax Burden in BiH in Cross-Country Comparison, BiH Economic Studies (July 2007).


  • 1. Assessment of Impact of Austerity Measures on National Investment Programmes in the Western Balkans, Regional Project EU Horizontal support to Coordination with International Financial Institutions in the Western Balkans and Turkey (May 2011).
  • 2.Analyses of Current Coordination Mechanisms for WBIF and Suggested Recommendations for Improvement on Coordination Mechanisms of WBIF in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EU-funded project Support to the BiH Government for the European Integration Process and Coordination of Community Assistance (January 2012).
  • 3. Analysis of the Process of Defining Organisational and Human Resource Objectives and Linking It to Program Budgeting in the Context of Improving the Performance Management System, Public Administration Reform Project “Development of the Performance Measurement System in Civil Service Structures in BiH (April 2010).
  • 4. Inputs Into Situational Analysis of the BiH Public Finance Sector, EU Support to Directorate for Economic Planning in BiH (February 2009).
  • 5. Reporting Consolidated Fiscal Data in BiH: Current Practices vs. EU Requirements, EU Fiscal Policy Support Project (August 2008).

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