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Energy fact sheet on Hungary

by Giovanni Cadioli and Ludovico Grandi


Located in the middle of Europe, Hungary is a crossroads for Russian energy arteries reaching Western Europe. The production of oil and gas is moderately lower than the imports, while nuclear energy is by far the most important form of electricity generation, exclusively devoted to domestic consumption. Energy export levels are all negative and are quite telling in describing Hungarian energy dependence, especially on neighbouring Ukraine. Energy dependence on Russian gas through Ukraine showed its might during few major gas crises in the 2006/2009 period. The present fact sheet sheds some light on the principal energy issues and policies that affect Hungary domestically and internationally.

Table of contents

I. Overview
  I/1 Key economic indicators
  I/2 The Energy Mix
II. Main Energy Issues
III. Legislative Background
  III/1 Electricity Act, 2007
  III/2 Gas Act, 2008
IV. Energy Policies
  IV/1 The National Energy Policy
  IV/2 The New Energy Strategy
V. Renewable Energy and Climate Protection Acts
  V/1 Strategy for the Increased Utilization of Renewable Energy 2007
  V/2 Renewable Energy Consumption Action Plan, 2010
  V/3 National Climate Change Strategy
VI. Energy Taxation


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