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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Here you can find a series of reports and contributions of various kind written by people who organized or took part in academic and cultural activities concerning East-Central Europe, the Balkans, the Post-Soviet space and related matters. The section gives also space to commentaries, interpretations and analyses of main political events people took part or would like to comment on. It also offers newsletter issues and bulletins intended to give information on a continuous basis about the activities carried out by research centers and institutions collaborating with PECOB.

  1. European Union and the Rule of Law in the Western Balkans (dated: 07/2016)
  2. Europeanisation and LGBT Activism in the Post-Yugoslav Space: Bertinoro Workshop Report (dated: 12/2014)
  3. EUSAIR - how to say it - Building a macro-regional awareness in the Adriatic-Ionian territories (dated: 12/2013)
  4. Exchanging Knowledge and Experience on European Integration - AcadEU Conference in Ljubljana (dated: 01/2014)
  5. Final Stakeholders Consultation EUSAIR Athens February 6th-7th 2014 (dated: 03/2014)
  6. First European Workshops in International Studies (dated: 06/2013)
  7. Foundations of deliberative democracy. Empirical research and normative implications (dated: 02/2012)
  8. Fractures & integrations between Russia, the East Slavic World and the West. History and Arts from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Era (dated: 05/2015)
  9. From Bertinoro to Belgrade: a new bridge over the Adriatic (dated: 03/2011)
  10. From Velvet Revolutions of 1989 to ‘Velvet Occupations’ of 2014: Europe’s Soft Power and the Geopolitics of Putin’s Russia (dated: 05/2014)
  11. From Zvonimir Boban to Hajdučko Beer (dated: 09/2013)
  12. Goodbye Great Mother Russia (dated: 04/2010)
  13. Goodbye Wajda, fighter for freedom and truth (dated: 11/2016)
  14. Gorbachev, Yeltsin and how eleven Soviet member-states came to be ‘presidential republics’ (dated: 07/2016)
  15. Graduation Ceremony of the MIREES Class of 2010 (dated: 09/2010)
  16. Guida ai paesi dell'Europa centrale orientale e balcanica 2007 (dated: 01/2011)
  17. Help and support for political prisoners and repressed students in Belarus (dated: 12/2010)
  18. Herito - A Rather Small War (dated: 12/2014)
  19. Herito - War and Memory (dated: 12/2014)
  20. Holocaust Remembrance Day: a book celebrating Korczak's figure (dated: 03/2016)
  21. IARCEES Annual Conference - Russian-East European Relations: From Tsarism to Gazprom (dated: 05/2012)
  22. Informal Payments in former Soviet Spaces: Illegal but Licit? (dated: 11/2013)
  23. Information - Press - War Neighbours (dated: 04/2007)
  24. Institute of Public Finance Newsletter N. 54 - March 2011 (dated: 03/2011)
  25. International Legal Aspects of the Cooperation between Ukraine and the EU (dated: 11/2011)
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