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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Here you can find a series of reports and contributions of various kind written by people who organized or took part in academic and cultural activities concerning East-Central Europe, the Balkans, the Post-Soviet space and related matters. The section gives also space to commentaries, interpretations and analyses of main political events people took part or would like to comment on. It also offers newsletter issues and bulletins intended to give information on a continuous basis about the activities carried out by research centers and institutions collaborating with PECOB.

  1. Brush Strokes of Melancholy: the Function of Art in Russian and Danish Cinema (dated: 07/2015)
  2. Brussels and Skopje: How the European Union Failed the Balkan Peninsula (dated: 07/2015)
  3. Casus Vynnychukus and Freedom of Speech (dated: 02/2012)
  4. Civil Courage in War and Peace (dated: 04/2012)
  5. Considerazioni ed idee sugli oneri sociali delle imprese (dated: 07/2014)
  6. Constitutional and political manipulations in post-Soviet countries: the success and failure of the ‘tricks’ of regimes (dated: 03/2017)
  7. Corruption, Albania’s biggest challenge for integration in E.U. (dated: 12/2013)
  8. Croatia and the Western Balkans in the process of Europeanization (dated: 05/2015)
  9. Cultural Intelligence: Developing a Multicultural Mindset (dated: 02/2011)
  10. Dalle “Camere di Commercio” alle “Camere dello Sviluppo Sostenibile” (dated: 07/2014)
  11. Deliberative Democracy: The Cases of Bosnia and Columbia (dated: 03/2011)
  12. Democracy promotion in Ukraine in the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy. Part Two (dated: 07/2013)
  13. Discarding a Common Past? The “Cleansing” of Croatian and Slovenian Libraries in the 1990s and Beyond (dated: 03/2017)
  14. Diversity Management: Police and Minorities (dated: 03/2012)
  15. Do(n’t) YU Remember? Rethinking the Memory of the 20th Century Wars in Former Yugoslavia (dated: 10/2016)
  16. Election outcomes and political challenges in Slovakia today (dated: 05/2015)
  17. Elections in Poland: A Revolution in Poland’s European policy? (dated: 07/2015)
  18. Envisioning Moving Frontiers: Migration Management, Minority Protection and the Enhancement of Territorial Cooperation (dated: 11/2017)
  19. Erma graduation ceremony, A.Y. 2012 - 2013 (dated: 01/2014)
  20. EU decision about Visa liberalization for Kosovo (dated: 06/2016)
  21. EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans (dated: 03/2012)
  22. EU migration policy and the Visegrad 4 (dated: 07/2017)
  23. EU-Russia Collaborative Research Network One Day Energy Workshop (dated: 11/2011)
  24. Eurasian Integration (dated: 01/2016)
  25. Europe's dependency on Russian gas, or Russia's dependency on European money? Trade relations and security issues (dated: 08/2012)
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