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Balkans 1908

The origins of a century of conflict (in Italian)

edited by: Alberto Basciani and Antonio D'Alessandri 
original title: "Balcani 1908 - Alle origini di un secolo di conflitti"
published by: BEIT
pp: 224
ISBN: 978-88-95324-10-4
price: € 25.00

Book's frontpage

This collection of historical essays is dedicated to the situation in the Balkans at the beginning of the 20th century. At the center of the analysis are the events of 1908 which provoked radical changes in the political and ethnic order which had come about during the 1800s. These reconstructed events are set in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ottoman Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Romania, seen in the wider context of the Great Powers of the time, especially Austria-Hungary and Russia.
The reader will discover in these pages how the events of 1908 led to the origins of a century of conflict. These historical events were crucial in determining the evolution of the European political framework which led to the catastrophe of World War I and the end of the great multinational empires.


Table of contents

Francesco Guida, The Balkans at the dawn of the 20th century. Internal situation and international context 
Francisco Veiga, Power conquers power. Reflections on the revolution of the Young Turks 
Catherine Horel, Austria-Hungary’s eastern policy (1867-1908) 
Ignác Romsics, The Hungarian political élite and the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina 
Viktor Avdeev, Russia and the crisis of 1908: the decision-making process of the ruling class during the Bosnian crisis 
Rudolf M. Dinu, Italy and eastern Europe: political initiatives inside and outside the Triple Alliance. Relations with Romania (1908-1911) 
Adriano Roccucci, The Bosnian crisis of 1908 and Italian public opinion 
Andrej Pantev
, Bulgarian political parties in the year of independence
Vojislav Pavlović, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s domestic reaction to the annexation of 1908
Massimo Bucarelli, the Austro-Serbian conflict at the beginning of the 20th century
Alberto Basciani, At the mouth of the volcano. The Macedonian question from the crisis of 1908 to the Balkan Wars
Antonio D’Alessandri, The Albanian revolts of 1910-1912 between localism and nationalism.
Eric R. Terzuolo, Kosovo: when a “real” state?
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