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A friendly workplace. Trade unions and sexual diversity management in the EU and the Western Balkans

This research project was submitted in November 2009 by Irene Dioli in order to apply to the PhD Programme in "Diversity Management and Governance" at the University of Bologna. On December 3, 2009 the Selection Committee evaluated the proposed project and the candidate was selected to participate in the PhD programme. The candidate was also awarded with a scholarship granted by the Municipality of Faenza.


´╗┐Sexual diversity is recognised by the EU as one of the grounds for non-discrimination regulations and policies. Its protection is, therefore, one of the indicators for measuring the degree of integration of sexual minorities in a variety of contexts, including the workplace.
On the other hand, discrimination and harassment at work remain among the core concerns for sexual minorities' safety and quality of life, both in the EU member states and the candidate countries of the Western Balkans. Against this backdrop, the role of trade unions is crucial and, indeed, transnational labour organisations have taken up the issue of sexual diversity in the protection of workers' rights.
Through qualitative research, fieldwork, and case studies, this project seeks to explore processes, practices, and experiences of sexual diversity management within trade unions in the EU framework as well as to engage with the potential development of the field in Western Balkan countries.     

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