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Diversity Management and Governance

The programme

The hallmark of this research degree in “Diversity Management and Governance” is its interdisciplinary and international framework.  It provides precisely a joint degree issued by the Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, the University of Graz, the New Bulgarian University of Sofia and the University of Primorska/Koper Coast/Capodistria.

From the scientific point of view, the PhD programme aims at stimulating young researchers to study, take a critical perspective and suggest innovative ideas in the field of management of diversity, reflecting both from the theoretical point of view and in practice on ethnic-national questions; migration dynamics; integration into a variety of contexts (from agricultural to urban ones); and linguistic, religious, gender and sexual orientation differences.

This research degree programme can also encourage comparative studies on governance and the management of diversity in various international contexts from a juridical, social, educational, historical, political, economic or corporate perspective.

The programme requirements

The Joint PhD Programme comprises 180 ECTS credits, which corresponds to a period of study of at least six semesters or three years. The students have to spend at least two semesters (corresponding to the completion of 60 ECTS) at the home university and at least two semesters (corresponding to the completion of 60 ECTS) in one of the partner universities.

Students have to participate in an adequate number of research seminars totalling to 18 ECTS, and reach the required 42 ECTS credits from restricted electives on the basis of their individual study programme.

Students must determine their PhD thesis’ topic in consultation with anadvisor in the course of the first year. The PhD thesis consists of 120 ECTS.

The degree

After successful completion of the programme, students get the Joint Degree in Diversity Management and Governance, recognized by all partner universities.

In addition, students can be attested in a separate certificate a “European Doctorate”, as per the respective regulations governing the partner institutions and in compliance with the requirements set by the European University Association.

Eligibility and application

Graduates of master studies or equivalent from the fields of Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities can be admitted to the programme.
Students interested in the programme could apply to one of the consortium partners as their home university.

Find out how to apply for this PhD Programme.

Information & contacts

To get more information visit the PhD Programme website.

Joint Degree Team, Graz
Ms Kanita Kovacevic 
Ms Emma Lantschner

University of Bologna
Ms Dessislava Krasteva


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