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Kazakhstan's two capital cities

All pictures have been taken by Giorgio Comai, in January 2006 in Kazakhstan. The pictures focus on new elements of independent Kazakhstan, as well as its landscapes.

1. Almaty business neighbourhood

Brand new skyscraper with many glass windows.

Kazakhstan has an oil and gas driven rampant economy that is very well visible in the business neighbourhoods of Almaty and Astana.

See the picture "Almaty business neighbourhood"


2. Nazarbaev and the mountains

A square. On the left, a bronze bas-relief with Presidenz Nazarbaev swearing on the constitution. Snowy mountain tops in the background.

Almaty lies very close to a chain of mountains. In the bas-relief on the left there is a representation of President Nazarbaev swearing on the constitution.

See the picture "Nazarbaev and the mountains"


3. A central Asian market

A high contrast picture of a market with boxes in show on both sides of a watery street.

Almaty lies close to the border with Kyrgyzstan, China and comparively close to Uzbekistan. As a consequence out of town there are a few large markets where goods are sold in large quantities directly from lorries and containers.

See the picture "A central Asian market"


4. An ice rink

An ice skating stadium between snowy mountains.

On these mountains lies the border between Kazakhstan and China.

See the picture "An ice rink"


5. Kazakhstan's snowy steppes

Sunset on snowy steppe photographed from inside a train.

It takes more than twenty hour to go by train from the old capital Almaty to the new capital Astana. More than twenty hours of never-ending steppes.

See the picture "Kazakhstan's snowy steppes"


6. Astana's new government district

A few large bulidings, some constructions sites, and besides them the snowy, empty, steppe.

Since 1994, when the decision to move the capital was taken, construction of governmental buildings flourished in this comparatively small city in the middle of the steppe. Beside the brand-new buildings of the ministries there is nothing but steppe.

See the picture "Astana's new government district"


7. Peace between religions

A few large bulidings, some constructions sites, and besides them the snowy, empty, steppe.

Memorial in Astana's tower Bayterek to testify peace between religions in Kazakhstan.

See the picture "Peace between religions"


8. Nazarbaev's hand

A shiny metal imprint of a hand.

This is an imprint of the palm of President Nazarbaev placed in Astana's tower Bayterek. As the first and only president of the country, he is often regarded as the father of independent Kazakhstan.

See the picture "Nazarbaev's hand"


9. Genetic differences

A page of a book, with a two axis graphic showing the names of different Eurasia peoples far from one another.

An official schoolbook of 'History of Kazakhstan' of the early nineties stressing the genetic differences among the Kazakh and other Eurasian peoples .

See the picture "Genetic differences"


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