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From Solidarity to Geopolitics

Support for Democracy among Postcommunist States

by: Tsveta Petrova
published by
: Cambridge University Press
pp: 232
price: £55.00 Hardback

Book's frontpage

This book theorizes a mechanism underlying regime-change waves, the deliberate efforts of diffusion entrepreneurs to spread a particular regime and regime-change model across state borders. Why do only certain states and non-state actors emerge as such entrepreneurs? Why, how, and how effectively do they support regime change abroad? To answer these questions, the book studies the entrepreneurs behind the third wave of democratization, with a focus on the new eastern European democracies - members of the European Union. The study finds that it is not the strongest democracies nor the democracies trying to ensure their survival in a neighborhood of non-democracies that become the most active diffusion entrepreneurs. It is, instead, the countries where the organizers of the domestic democratic transitions build strong solidarity movements supporting the spread of democracy abroad that do. The book also draws parallels between their activism abroad and their experiences with democratization and democracy assistance at home.


Table of contents

1. Regime-change waves and eastern EU democracy promotion
2. Exporting the revolution: why only some eastern EU new democracies support democratization abroad
3. From solidarity to survival: the motivations behind eastern EU civic democracy promotion
4. An improved domestic and international order?: The rationales behind eastern EU official democracy promotion
5. A new generation of democracy promoters?: Eastern EU approaches to democracy promotion
6. Conclusion: making a difference?



'In this original and thought-provoking study, Tsveta Petrova demonstrates how mobilized democratic transition from below in Eastern Europe fostered the emergence of a new generation of democracy promoters in the region. In doing so, she provides new insights into transnational diffusion processes and the linkages between the foreign and domestic dimensions of democracy promotion.'Mark R. Beissinger, Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politics, Princeton University, and Director, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
'A masterful study of a critical yet understudied new area of international democracy support. With notable clarity and rigor, Petrova advances innovative, persuasive ideas about the motivations, methods, and impact of the external democracy work by Eastern European countries. A field-defining work that will stand as a benchmark on the topic for years.'Thomas Carothers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace




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