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Disrupting and Reshaping

Early Stages of Nation-Building in the Balkans

edited by: Marco Dogo and Guido Franzinetti
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 168
ISBN: 88-8063-329-5
price: € 25.82

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The papers collected in this book discuss and compare four cases of transition from the Ottoman imperial regime to the nation-state polity and legitimacy (Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey) in the Balkans between XIX and XX century.

The authors are European historians of different school, age and provenance (from West to East: Edinburgh, Turin, Trieste, Belgrade, Sofia, Athens, Ankara). Among the topics they approach in these pages, the reader will find: wars and "disorder", as a prologue to disruption of Ottoman authority and eventual secession; traditional political culture and new political elites; agrarian conditions, modernising policies and peasant sepa-rateness; legitimising ideologies and conflicting political loyalties in the new nation-states.

Political upheaval and subsequent state-centered activities and trends (constitutionalism, history writing, enlarged enfranchisement...), rather than ethno-cultural heritages, are here proposed as relevant factors in the shaping of national identities.


Table of Contents

Guido Franzinetti, Introduction: Nation-building and state-building in the Balkans

Marco Dogo,Before and outside the notion
Mirjana Marinković, The shaping of a modern Serbian nation and of its state under the Turkish rule
Kostas P. Kostis,The formation of the state in Greece, 1830-1914
Michael Palairet, Rural Serbia reshaped and retarded, 1739-1914
Alexei Kalionski, Ethnicity and migrations. The Bulgarian case,  1830-1915
Diana Mishkova, The nation as zadruga: Remapping nation-building in nineteenth-century Southeast Europe
Seçil Deren, From pan-Islamism to Turkish nationalism: modernisation and German influence in the late Ottoman period
Nesim Şeker, The general elections of 1919 in Turkey

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