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Workshop - The Rule of Law in EU Enlargement Policy - Impact on the Western Balkans

Conference venue: CEPS Conference Room - 1, Place du Congrès 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Period: November 18, 2013 / 13:15 - 14:30


Policy workshop of the RRPP funded research project Europeanization by Rule of Law: Implementation in the Western Balkans implemented by the Institute for Democracy „SOCIETAS CIVILIS Skopje“ will be held in Brussels on 18th of November 2013 at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). CEPS is a leading forum for debate on EU affairs and as such an excellent platform for wider dissemination of the project’s key findings.

After having established closer links through the interviews with politicians, diplomats and other experts in the EU institutions and its representatives in the Western Balkans countries, the project team will attempt to introduce the project findings in the wider debate on the formulation of EU policy strategies through the workshop in Brussels by presenting a policy brief on the topic of judiciary reform in the context of EU accession.

The workshop will be moderated by Mr. Erwan Fuere, senior researcher and former EU representative to Macedonia. As a part of the project team the following researchers will present related research results: Mr. Marko Kmezic, Centre for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz (Austria), Mr. Zoran Ilievski, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje and Mr. Vladimir Misev, President of the Institute for Democracy „SOCIETAS CIVILIS“ Skopje.

Guidelines for participate

Participation in CEPS meetings is a benefit of membership. Non-members may be admitted for €50, paid in cash at registration. A sandwich lunch will be served before the event, from 12.30 onwards.


Information & contacts

Anne-Marie Boudou


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