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Workshop - “New Developments and Investigations in Russian Moderate and Radical Nationalism”

Venues: Moscow, Higher School of Economics, ul. Myasnitskaya 20, auditorium 101
Period: October 25, 2013 / 10:00 - 19:00
Registration deadline: October 24, 2013
Brief description: A joint workshop of the Public Policy Department of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”(Russia) and the NEORUSS Project (Norway).


  • Nina Belyaeva, National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” Moscow
  • Helge Blakkisrud, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo
  • Pål Kolstø, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Anna Potsar, National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” Moscow
  • Andreas Umland, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” Ukraine
  • Dmitry Zaytsev, National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” Moscow

Registration Procedure

All attendees of the workshop, including those who wish to come as listeners, have to pre-register, in time, to enter the university.
Pre-registration requires that you write an e-mail to Maria Shabanova  at by Oct.24, 12:00, with the subject line title “Conference Oct.25.” Please, give your full name (as in passport/ID), university/department (if applicable) and your contact number. This information is needed for getting a pass into the HSE building. Please, bring your ID/passport on 25 October 2013!

Urgent inquiries may be sent to:

Presentation/discussion languages: Russian & English without translation.
Presentation time: 3 or 4 papers x 15 or 10 minutes - overall 45 minutes per panel.
Q & A per panel: 45 minutes.

Attendance is free. We regret that we cannot cover travel or any other expenditures of the attendants of the workshop.


Welcome Addresses and Introduction

  • Dmitry Zaytsev, National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” Moscow
  • Pål Kolstø, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Anna Potsar, National Research University “Higher School of Economics,” Moscow
  • Andreas Umland, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” Ukraine

Panel 1: The Current State of Russian Nationalist Thought and Politics

Chair: Anna Potsar

  • Vladimir Malakhov, RAN Institute of Philosophy, Moscow: “Contemporary Russian Nationalism: Origins and Agents
  • Anastasia Mitrofanova, Russian Orthodox University, Moscow: “Peculiarities of the New Russian Nationalism
  • Victor Shnirelman, RAN Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Moscow: “Russian Nationalism Today: A Shift towards Cultural Racism

Panel 2: Immigrants, Sexual Minorities, and the New “Other”
Chair: Helge Blakkisrud

  • Henry Hale, George Washington University, Washington, DC: “The Political Impact of Nationalism and the Migration Issue in Russia
  • Pål Kolstø, University of Oslo: “The Migration and Nationalism Issues in the Moscow Mayoral Pre-Election Campaign of 2013
  • Elizaveta Gaufman, University of Tübingen: “The Nationalists' Old New Enemies: 'Sexual Deviation' as an Existential Threat to Russia
  • Tatiana Riabova & Oleg Riabov, Ivanovo State University: “'The Decline of Gayropa': The Gender Dimension of the West’s Image in Contemporary Russian Nationalism

Lunch break

Panel 3: Varieties of Russian Ethno-Centrism and Fundamentalism
Chair: Andreas Umland

  • Vladimir Pribylovsky, Panorama Center, Moscow: “Religious Divisions in Current Russian Nationalism
  • Alexander Verkhovsky, Sova Center, Moscow: “The Changing Place of Violence in the Russian Nationalist Movement: A Monitoring Report
  • Emil Pain, Higher School of Economics, Moscow: “Ideas of Russian Nationalism in the Rhetoric of Liberal Russian Politicians: A. Navalny's and V. Milov's LiveJournals, 2010-2013

Panel 4: Ideologies and Activities of the Extreme Right
Chair: Pål Kolstø

  • Elena Strukova, Sova Center, Moscow: “Party Building on the Far Right of Russia's Ideological Spectrum”
  • Ivan Grinko, Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Moscow: “A Social Portrait of Cyber-Racism in the RUNet: Findings from a Social Networks Analysis
  • Anton Shekhovtsov, University College London: “Western Sources of Neo-Eurasianism: Recent Findings on Alexander Dugin and the European New Right, 1989-1994
  • Andreas Umland, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy: “Russian 'Uncivil Society' and New Extreme Right Intellectual Circles during Putin's Third Presidency


Information & contacts

Ms Maria Shabanova
National Research University


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