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Welfare States in Transition

20 Years after the Yugoslav Welfare Model

edited by: Stambolieva, Marija and Dehnert, Stefan
published by
: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
pp: 366
ISBN: 978-954-92601-8-2

Book's frontpage

 The publication shows the developments of the welfare states in the former Yugoslavia, after its disintegration up to the present date, especially on the examples of the pension- and health-care systems, the labour market and social inclusion policies. It provides an extensive overview of the different welfare systems’ developments, all-encompassing and comparative statistical data and a comprehensive portrayal of the most relevant actors who influenced the shaping of the welfare policies. By offering comprehensive insight into the state of affairs in the welfare sector in this part of South Eastern Europe, as determined by the given economic possibilities and the political milieu in a certain period of time, the book encourages integration of the region in the theoretical debate.
The book will therefore appeal to researchers and policy-makers interested in the region, social policy and transformation.


Table of contents

Stefan Dehnert, Foreword
Marija Stambolieva, Introduction
Reima Ana Maglajlić, Ešref Kenan Rašidagić, Socio-Economic Transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sören Keil, Social Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina between State-Building, Democratization and Europeanization
Predrag Bejaković, The National Model of the Welfare State Tradition and Changes: 1991-2010. The Case of the Republic of Croatia
Davorka Vidović, Davor Pauković, Welfare State in Transition: Political Transformations. The Case of Croatia
Vančo Uzunov, Socio-Economic Transformation and the Welfare System of the Republic of Macedonia in the Period of Transition
Suzana Bornarova, Development of the Social Protection System in Post-Communist Macedonia: Social Policy-Making and Political Processes
Drenka Vuković, Natalija Perišić, Opportunities and Challenges of Social Security Transition in Montenegro
Jelena Dzankić, Political Transformations: Welfare States in Transition Montenegro: A Long Drive Down a Tough Road
Drenka Vuković, Natalija Perišić, Social Security in Serbia – Twenty Years Later
Slaviša Orlović, Political Transformation and Socio-Economic Changes in Serbia
Zinka Kolarič, Anja Kopač Mrak, Tatjana Rakar, Welfare States in Transition: the Development of the Welfare System in Slovenia
Igor Guardiancich, Slovenian Social Policy in a Consensual Political System: the Dilemmas of a Delayed Transition
Marija Stambolieva, Conclusion: The Post-Yugoslav Welfare States – from Legacies to Actor Shaped Transformations
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