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Regional Cooperation in Europe: Opportunities for the Balkans

edited by: Boris Tihi
published by
: Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Special Editions vol. 137
: 337
: 978-9958-501-61-6 

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The International Scientific Conference "Regional Cooperation in Europe: Opportunities for the Balkans" was organized by the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH), the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, London School of Economics LSE London  and the University of Bologna. The conference was part of the the Academic programme 2010/2011 of the Inter University Center (IUC), Dubrovnik.
The main conference topic sublimes and reflects European and regional principles and concepts related to the significance of regional cooperation in the EU accession process. The significance of the topic for candidate or potential candidate countries derives, among other things, from the task to determine statistical or NUTS regions in line with relevant provisions on establishing the common classification of theoretical units for statistics, to (re)define regional development strategy and regional development management and. to ensure utilization of IPA funds. Other elements include the participation in trans-border programmes and  in EU strategies for the Danube region, the redefinition of strategies of the existing and potential Euro-regions in this area, the implementation of the Provision on European Grouping and Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), the European Convention on Trans-Border Cooperation, European Charter on Local and Regional Self-Management, declaration on regionalisms, on proper local and regional governance, European Charter on Border and Trans-Border Regions, provisions on financing regional development. Finally, one last factor can be the achievement of  regional development goals (convergences, competitiveness, employment and territorial cooperation).
The papers submitted for the conference passed through  a blind refereeing and reviewing process and now form part of this volume.


Table of contents


Peter Stanovnik, Pillars of Competitiveness in Balkan Countries
Gyula Horváth, Regional Inequalities of Higher Intellectual Capacities in the Balkan Countries
Josip Vrbošić, Political Parties and Constitutional Changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirko Pejanović, Regionalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ilona Pálné Kovács, Europeanised Governance and Cohesion Policy
Anto Domazet, Regionalization, Regional Marketing and Regional Companies in Western Balkan Countries
Miloš Trifković, The Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods: a Tool for Unification of Regional Regulations for Trade in Goods in Europe?
Sulejman Redžić, Ecologization of Economy as a Tool of Sustainable Development, Mitigation Consequences of Climate Changes and Precondition for Integration Process toward European Union
Vjekoslav Domljan, “Neretva Valley Development Corridor” Model of Creating Export Forces on Regional Basis
Jasmina Osmanković, Dženan Đonlagić, Jasmin Hošo, The Impact of Diferent Currency Areas on Regional Trade
Zlatko Hurtić, Problems and Prospects of the EU Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Major Macroeconomic Challenges for the Accession Process
Zoran Aralica, Researching National Innovation Infrastructure in the Western Balkan Region
Cecília Mezei, Local Economic Development Activity in Hungary
Nela Vlahinić-Dizdarević, Saša Žiković, Institutional Capacity and Regional Electricity Market in Southeast Europe
Jasmina Osmanković, Vanja Kenjić, Renato Zrnić, Cooperation for European Integrations: Educational Institutions of Western Balkans
Eleni Athanasopoulou, Pavlos Dragoumanos, Nikolaos Giannakopoulos, The City Dipole as a Regional Development Tool: The Case of the Dipole Tripoli-Kalamata in Greece
Jasmin Hošo, Jasmina Osmanković, Dženan Đonlagić, Transnational Companies and West Balkans
Marija Knežević, Agrotourism as a Generator of Region Development
Maida Fetahagić, Position of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Balkans in the Context of Human Development
Balázs Páger, The Role of the Environmental Industry in the Development of the Regions: The Case of the German Region Saxony-Anhalt
Igor Lacković, Vedran Milojica, Renato Zrnić, Health Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina-Current State and Perspectives of Inclusion in the European Tourism Flows
Danijel Drpić, Vanja Kenjić, Vedran Milojica, Adaptation of Rural Tourism Offer of the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union Trends
Jasmina Osmanković, Emina Resić, Jasmin Hošo, Economic Development Model of the Western Balkans
Mensur Jašarspahić - Suri, Rural Development Digression on Area of Kakanj

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