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The Racial Idea in the Independent State of Croatia

Origins and Theory


Author: Nevenko Bartulin
Publisher: BRILL, Brill Online
Date of Publication: November 2013
pp: 254
ISBN: 9789004262836
E-ISBN: 9789004262829
price: €99.00

Front Cover

This book traces the intellectual origins of race theory in the pro-Nazi Ustasha Independent State of Croatia, 1941-1945. This race theory was not, as historians of the Ustasha state have hitherto argued, a product of a practical accommodation to the dominant Nazi racial ideology. Contrary to the general historiographical view, which has either downplayed or ignored the important place of race, not only in Ustasha ideology and politics, but more generally in modern Croatian and Yugoslav nationalism, this work stresses the significant role that theories of ethnolinguistic origin and racial anthropology played in defining Croat nationhood from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. Upon the basis of older ideological and cultural traditions, the Ustasha state constructed an ideal Aryan racial type.


Table of Contents

Preliminary Material   

1. Language and Race: Croats, Illyrians, Slavs and Aryans
2. Ante Starčević: Historic State Right and Croat Blood
3. Race Theory in Habsburg Croatia, 1900–1918
4. Yugoslavist and Serbian Racial Theories in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
5. Interwar Croatian Ethnolinguistic-Racial Theories
6. The Interwar Ustasha Movement and Ethnolinguistic-Racial Identity
7. The Ustasha Racial State
8. The Ideal Racial Type: The Aryan Croat
9. The Racial Counter-Type: The Near Eastern Race


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About the Author

Nevenko Bartulin, Ph.D. (2006) in History, was Lecturer in European History at University of Split, Croatia. He is the recent author of Honorary Aryans: National-Racial Identity and Protected Jews in the Independent State of Croatia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). His main research interests are nationalism, nation-building, racial theories, and National Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular emphasis on the Croatian Ustasha regime and the Independent State of Croatia.


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