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Post-Communist Transition As A European Problem

edited by: Stefano Bianchini, George Schöpflin and Paul Shoup
published by: A. Longo Editore
pp: 216
ISBN: 88-8063-362-7
price: € 25.00

Book's frontpage

When international research on the post communist transition in CEI (the "Central European Initiative", promoted by the Italian government in 1989 and originally known as "Quadrangolare") countries started in 1999, the issues analysed in this book were not on the agenda. They emerged, unexpectedly, in the course of the project, which involved about fifty European and American scholars.
This book, the first in a series of four, deals innovatively and provocatively with a crucial question: to what extent has the post-communist transition in CEI countries gradually turned into a difficult transformation, which cannot be isolated from the process of European integration? In other words, is the post-communist transition an integral part of a transition which has involved Europe as a whole, since the end of the cold war, in the reconstruction of its political unity?
The overcoming of the separation caused by bloc politics interacts with the process globalisation and localism, making the European scenario much more interdependent and dynamic than the now obsolete interpretations based on the East-West divide are capable of investigating. This book provides readers with interpretation tools which defy facile current opinions, looking at post-communist Europe from the point of view of Europe, tout court.


Table of Contents

Part One - Adapting Democracy
Jean Blondel, How TheProcess of Political Transition from Communism can be Monitored and how the Moment of Consolidation can be Determined
András Bozóki, Democratic Design and "Return " to Europe: Discourses of the Roundtable Talks of 1989
Luisa Chiodi, Promoting Civil Society: local NGOs in the Balkans since the 90's
Stamenka Uvalic-Trumbic, Universities and Politics: Reshaping Relations in SouthEastern Europe?

Part Two - Reshaping the State
George Schöpflin, Post-communism and the Perceptions of Europe
Carla Tonini, Poland after Schengen. Bridge into the East or Bulwark of Europe?
Zoltán Balázs Vizi, National Sovereignty and Human Rights in Central and Eastern Europe after 1990
Malina Kroumova, Defining the Parameters of State Policy towards Minorities.The Balkan Experience in the 90's
Julie Mostov, Soft Borders: Rethinking Sovereignty and Democracy
Paul Shoup, The West and the War in Bosnia: Some Thoughts
Stefano Bianchini, Post Communism, Post-Westfalianism. Overcoming the Nation-State


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