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Wednesday June 29, 2022
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This area collects and offers a wide range of scientific contributions and provides scholars, researchers and specialists with publishing opportunities for their research results

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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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PECOB's Volumes

This section collects original scientific documents such as Master's theses and doctoral dissertations, selected through peer review process and published online as "PECOB's Volumes". Each volume is assigned an ISBN code.

The volumes may focus on the political, economic, historical, social or cultural aspects of a specific country or region covered by PECOB, that is Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans, considered as a single case-study or from a comparative perspective.
The Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe has already published two PECOB's Volumes. The first is a selection of contributions in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the ICCEES Congress held in Stockholm in 2010. In this volume, most contributions focus on Russian literature of the XIX-XX century, Jewish-Russian poetry and other topics such as translation, media and culture.
The second volume is a collection of Master's dissertations that include the works of three students whose academic curricula demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of political and cultural processes of Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Giorgio Comai's thesis deals with change of power in countries belonging to the Community of Independent States, while Irene Dioli's work addresses queer theatrical performance and social action in Belgrade. Finally, Tatiana Warner analyze social corporate responsibility in Hungary and Macedonia.

Editorial information

Title: PECOB's Volumes
Publisher: Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe
Language: multilinguistic (English and original languages of the countries considered on PECOB)
Topics: Politics; Economics; History; Society; Languages, Literature and Culture; Media 
Editorial Assistant:
Ms Luciana Moretti

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