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The Jews of Eastern Europe, 1772-1881

Author: Israel Bartal
Translator:  Chaya Naor
Original Title: Me-umah le-le'om, yehudey mizrakh eyropa 1772-1881
: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006/2011 (ebook)
pp: 216
ISBN: 9780812219074
price: $26.50

In the nineteenth century, the largest Jewish community the modern world had known lived in hundreds of towns and shtetls in the territory between the Prussian border of Poland and the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea. The period had started with the partition of Poland and the absorption of its territories into the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires; it would end with the first large-scale outbreaks of anti-Semitic violence and the imposition in Russia of strong anti-Semitic legislation. In the years between, a traditional society accustomed to an autonomous way of life would be transformed into one much more open to its surrounding cultures, yet much more confident of its own nationalist identity. In The Jews of Eastern Europe, Israel Bartal traces this transformation and finds in it the roots of Jewish modernity.


Table of Contents



The Jews of the Kingdom    
The End of the Old Order 1772-1795
Society and Economy 1795-1863
Hasidim Mitnagdim and Maskilim
Russia and the Jews
Austria and the Jews of Galicia 1772-1848
Jews and Poles in the Nineteenth Century
The Haskalah Movement in Eastern Europe
Czar Alexander II
Radicalism and Orthodoxy
Galicia under Emperor Franz Josef
The Jew Is Coming: Anti-Semitism from Right and from Left
Storms in the South 1881-1882
Jews as an Ethnic Minority in Eastern Europe

About the Author

Israel Bartal is Avraham Harman Chair in Jewish History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Among his books are The Records of the Council of the Four Lands, Volume 1: 1580-1792, Exile in the Homeland, and Poles and Jews: A Failed Brotherhood (with Magdalena Opalski).


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