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International Translators Conference in Skopje

Conference venue: City Hall Center, Skopje, Macedonia
Period: November 9, 2013
Deadline for registering: November 5, 2013

Description of the Event

Organized by the Macedonian Translators Association (MATA), the first International MATA Conference 2013 is a one-day event to be held in the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje. The Conference provides a platform for discussion, learning and sharing of experiences and ideas between fellow professionals. It offers a variety of content ranging from working for the EU institutions and professional standards and certification through business practices, negotiation and sales to electronic translation tools. These issues affect our profession on a daily basis and are crucial for a profitable and satisfying professional life.

The First International MATA Conference 2013 aims to gather together translation industry professionals and provide them with the opportunity to meet, discuss, learn and share ideas and experiences among themselves and with well-established experts in the industry. It is a unique occasion to network with colleagues and make one’s voice heard. It is designed for anyone who invests in continuing professional development and wants to boost their career. Parallel to job-related discussions, the Conference also aims to provide opportunities for social networking.

Further details about the agenda can be found by clicking here.


  • MATA members
  • Professional translators and interpreters
  • Translation and interpreting students
  • Translation and interpreting teaching staff
  • Anyone interested in the translation industry who wants to make a difference for the profession


  • Attila Piróth - Vice President of IAPTI’s Ethics Committee
  • Doug Lawrence - Founder, Selling Translations
  • Denis Jug - Sales and Trados representative, IOLAR
  • Andraž Repar - Senior Translator, IOLAR
  • Blanca Nájera - Deputy Director
, TermNet (International Network for Terminology)


Payments should be made to the following account:

Bank name: NLN Tutunska Banka
Account number: 00-722-00003277
IBAN: MK07210722000032756
Quoting: Conference fee 2013

  • Early bird: Non-members conference fee + full membership+ months gratis – 6.400 МКД €110,00
  • Early bird: Non-members conference fee + associate membership+ months gratis – 5.800 МКД €99,00
  • Early bird: Non-members conference fee – 3.900 МКД €65,00
  • Early bird: MATA members, conference fee – 2.700 МКД €45,00
  • Early bird: Students conference fee + membership+ months gratis – 2.800 МКД €45,00
  • Early bird: Students conference fee – 1.500 МКД


In order to participate to the conference you need to register online and complete the form by 5 November 2013.


Information & contacts

Macedonian Translators Association


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