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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe
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Central and Eastern Europe in a Globalised World

Each year the Changing Europe Summer School brings together about 30 young academics (i.e. mainly doctoral students from disciplines like political science, economics, sociology, social anthropology, law and geography) working on issues related to countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Participation in the Summer School gives them a chance to present and discuss their research projects and to become better integrated into the academic community.
Funding by the Volkswagen Foundation covers travel costs as well as accommodation and participation fees.

The topic

As globalisation is a two-way street, the Changing Europe Summer School 2008 will focus on two sets of issues: The first evolves around the influence of external impulses on the transformation processes in Central and Eastern Europe in the era of ongoing globalisation. The second addresses the ways in which political systems, societies and economies have reacted (and continue to react) to these external forces and how they integrate themselves into the global environment.

How to submit papers

Paper proposals must be based on original research and may not exceed 1000 words. They must be drafted in English and must connect an empirical question with a theoretical approach and concept in order to be accepted. Comparative approaches (inter- as well as intra-regional) are encouraged. An international review panel will assess the papers for the conference in an anonymous review process. The deadline for receipt of paper proposals is 5 January 2008.

Related documents

To apply to the Changing Europe Summer School 2008, use the application form available at the Changing Europe Summer School web site.

Organiser and partners

  • Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen
  • EU Institute for Security Studies

Information and contacts

Research Centre for East European Studies
University of Bremen
address: Bibliothekstraße 1
D-28359 Bremen (Germany)
tel. 0049.4212181


European Union Institute for Security Studies
address: 43, avenue du Président Wilson
F-75775 Paris (France)
tel. 0033.(0)1.56891930
fax. 0033.(0)1.56891931


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