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Studi Slavistici

Studi Slavistici's cover

Studi Slavistici is the first scholarly Italian journal devoted to this discipline to be systematically published online.

Founded on the initiative of the Association of Italian Slavists (A.I.S.), it is designed to offer a site for the publication of scientific articles, debates, selective bibliographies reviews , informative essays, book reviews and news columns.

The journal is designed to stimulate research of a strictly scientific nature, with a high degree of specialisation, while at the same time taking into consideration the need to disseminate high quality information to a broader public of readers and "web surfers".

The journal also aims to act as a bridge between the academic Slavonic studies tradition, linked to the great Italian and European philological and literary school, and the new cultural trends that are emerging in the various fields of Slavonic studies and - possibly most significantly - in interdisciplinary relations.

This interdisciplinary approach involves both the sphere of the relations between the various Slavonic subjects and the relations with new methodologies and with various schools, and also the relations between Slavonic studies and other fields (other European languages, literatures and cultures, historic and philosophical sciences, general theoretical and applied linguistics, social and political sciences, expressions of art and performance, and so on).


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Editorial Staff

President of A.I.S.
Giorgio Ziffer

Nicoletta Marcialis

Assistant editor
Alberto Alberti

Editorial board
Giovanna Brogi Bercoff, Marcello Garzaniti, Donatella Possamai, Giovanna Siedina, Alberto Alberti, Maria Chiara Ferro, Maria Cristina Bragone


More specifically, the contributors hope that the journal may provide a place for encounter and fruitful exchange between the Italian and foreign specialists who represent a consolidated tradition of scientific research, and at the same time a school and training ground for the new generations. Moreover, the effort to maintain high standards in the contributions of a philological, historic-literary and linguistic nature of a traditional kind is not inconsistent with openness towards new forms of scientific communication, and above all with a desire to provide ample space for discussion. We sincerely hope that the forums and electronic round tables, the comparison of ideas on topics of particular interest will become permanent presences, an ongoing witness to the initiatives of individuals and groups.

Information & Contact

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c/o Università di Milano, Di. Li. Le. Fi., S. Alessandro 1 - 20123 Milano

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