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Managing Difference in Eastern-European Transnational Families

by: Eds. Viorela Ducu and Aron Telegdi Csetri
published by
: Frankfurt am Main, New York, Ofxord: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631702376
price: 33,95

Studies in this book have been gathered on the occasion of two academic events in the field of Transnational Families, focusing on the Eastern-European space, from a – diversified – qualitative social research perspective. The volume places a special emphasis on a gendered and practice-oriented approach, exploring territories of domination and empowerment that inform the negotiation of difference. Studies follow processes of emancipation, family practices, redistribution of gendered roles, forms of abuse, social remittance, confrontation between rights and cultures, forming joint action strategies and egalitarian capital, in a process of emergence of new social actors. Studies reflect back upon the ambiguity of conceptual frameworks to be put to use while approaching this yet unexplored area.


Table of contents

Notes on Contributors

Couples within the Context of Migration
Áron Telegdi-Csetri, Viorela Ducu. Transnational Difference – Cosmopolitan Meaning

Transnational Families in a Gendered Perspective
Alissa Tolstokorova. Partitioned Paternity: Models of Cross-border Fathering in Ukrainian Transnational Families

Rafaela Hilario Pascoal, Adina Nicoleta Erica Schwartz. How Family and Emotional Ties Are Used as Coercive Instruments by the Exploiters on the Romanian Feminine Migration. The Study Case of Italy

Anca Raluca Aștilean. The Issue of Emancipation in the Case of Romanian Migrant Women

Armela Xhaho, Erka Çaro. Gendered Work-Family Balance in Migration: Albanian Migrants in Greece

Couples within the Context of Migration
Magdalena Żadkowska, Tomasz Szlendak. Egalitarian Capital Gained in Norway or Brought from Poland? Experiences of Migration and Gender Equality among Polish Couples in Norway 

Nóra Kovác. Global Migration and Intermarriage in Chinese-Hungarian Context

Viorela Ducu, Iulia Hossu. Bi-national Couples with a Romanian Partner in the European Context

Challenges of Transnationalism towards Childhood
Georgiana-Cristina Rentea, Laura-Elena Rotărescu. Yesterday’s Children, Today’s Youth: The Experiences of Children Left Behind by Romanian Migrant Parents

Bojan Perovic. Intercountry Adoption: a Human Rights Perspective


About the Authors

Viorela Ducu is the principal investigator of the project «Confronting difference through the practices of transnational families» at the Centre for Population Studies in Cluj-Napoca.

Áron Telegdi-Csetri is a voluntary researcher in the project «Confronting difference through the practices of transnational families» at the Centre for Population Studies, Cluj-Napoca.

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