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Regional and urban studies for strategic planning and development


Conference venue: Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya, St Petersburg, Russia
Period: 24th October, 2016 - 25th October, 2016
Registration deadline: 6th September 2016

Description of the Conference

This conference brings together both international and Russian researchers working in multiple disciplines in the fields of regional and urban studies. Conference attendees will be able to participate in plenary events of the highly prestigious XV All Russian Forum (to become better informed about strategic planning debates in Russia) and contribute to these discussions through their presentations at the conference sessions. The conference will also be open to all Forum participants.
Territorial strategic planning is starting to play an important role in the system of goal setting, planning and allocation of resources at national and especially subnational and local levels in Russia. In 2014, the Federal Law 172 “On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation” was adopted. This made strategic plans, forecasts, action-plans for implementation of strategies, state targeted programs and monitoring of strategies implementation obligatory to be implemented. Before this, the elaboration and adoption of strategic plans or social and economic development strategies were optional, and regions of Russia (subjects of the Russian Federation) and some cities (municipalities) operated independently and according to local and regional decision making.
The proposed RSA-Russia conference will not be limited only to planning techniques and analysis of particular plans and cases, but will include a wide range of research topics, related to regional and local economic growth and social and economic development. Papers illustrating knowledge of modern theory and the empirical results of studies on spatial transformations and regional/local economic success/failure factors are welcomed as they will help planners and decision makers to form better local and regional policies and evaluate more accurately the expected social and economic effects.

Eligible topics for the conference

Among the themes most relevant for spatial development, strategic planning and regional studies in Russia, the conference will focus on the following:

Guidelines for submission

Submission Details Please submit your abstract (400 word abstracts) through the Regional Studies Association conference portal by 6th September 2016.
Proposals will be considered by the Conference Programme Committee against the criteria of originality and interest, subject balance and geographical spread.



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