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Thursday June 13, 2024
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Minima Ucrainica


Minima Ucrainica is a new editorial project created and edited by A. Achilli (University of Milan), M. G. Bartolini (University of Milan) and M. Puleri (University of Bologna). It is a quarterly on line newsletter, which could prospectively evolve into a full-fledged journal, focusing on Ukrainian politics, culture and society.
MU editors’ aim is to give birth to an international platform where to share new research interests and perspectives on Ukraine and the Post-Soviet area, collecting political analyses, book reviews, editorial news, resources for scholars, events and CfPs.

The platform is sponsored by AISU, the Italian Association of Ukrainian Studies, and hosted by PECOB. All the issues will be available on line.

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List of issues

Experiencing "Normality" in Times of War

Ukraine in Pieces

Unsettled Borders. Blurring The Supranational/National Boundaries

The Post-Soviet/The Post-Maidan

Putting Things Back in Their Proper Places. Ars memorativa/Ars oblivionalis and Ukraine’s battle over its own past

Through the Two-Way Mirror

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