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Mapping Jewish Loyalties in Interwar Slovakia

edited by: Rebekah Klein-Pejšová
published by
: Indiana University Press
pp: 216
ISBN: 9780253015549
price: Hardback / £27.99

Book's frontpage

In the aftermath of World War I, the largely Hungarian-speaking Jews in Slovakia faced the challenge of reorienting their political loyalties from defeated Hungary to newly established Czechoslovakia. Rebekah Klein-Pejšová examines the challenges Slovak Jews faced as government officials, demographers, and police investigators continuously tested their loyalty. Focusing on "Jewish nationality" as a category of national identity, Klein-Pejšová shows how Jews recast themselves as loyal citizens of Czechoslovakia. Mapping Jewish Loyalties in Interwar Slovakia traces how the interwar state saw and understood minority loyalty and underscores how loyalty preceded identity in the redrawn map of east central Europe.


Table of contents


Note on Place-Names and List of Place-Name Equivalents

Introduction: Seek the "Right Path": The Jews of Slovakia in Remapped Post-World War One East Central Europe

1. From Hungary to Czechoslovakia: Jewish Transition to the Consolidating Czechoslovak State

2. Nationality is an Internal Conviction: Jewish Nationality and Czechoslovak Statebuilding

3. Contested Loyalty: Proving Slovak Jewish Loyalty to Czechoslovakia

4. Between the Nationalities: Statist Slovak Jews, Separatist Slovaks, and the Revisionist Threat

Conclusion: Mapping Jewish Loyalties




Author Bio

Rebekah Klein-Pejšová is Jewish Studies Assistant Professor of History at Purdue University.


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