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High Level Reflection Group Assessment on the Energy Community of South East Europe: a possible Institutional and Strategic Scenario for the Future

April 2014 | #46

by: Saverio Francesco Massari
pp: 29
ISSN: 2038-632X

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After the first working period, the Energy Community Ministerial Council in October 2013 decided to evaluate the current status of the Community taking into account the adequacy of the institutional set up and working methods, the targets defined in the Treaty and their achievement.
The Council appointed the High Level Reflection Group (HLRG) as a third and independent body called to asses on the hitherto Community situation and to suggest how to orient the Community’s future actions.
Beyond the institutional reforms, the international scenario could interfere with the Energy Community future development.



Energy Community, South East Europe, Energy Policy, Energy Security

Table of contents

Energy Community 2014: first evaluation
Implementing rules
Investment for enhancing citizens’ benefit
Enlarging the Energy Community
Refurbishing our house: an institutional, legal and procedural reform for the future

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