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Open Conference - "Shaping the frame across the cycles"

Conference venue: Flensburg, Germany
Period: July 5, 2013


The European Centre for Minotity Issues (ECMI) is organizing the open conference "Shaping the frame across the cycles". The main aim of the conference is to promote a meaningful reflection on the role and monitoring functions of the Advisory Committee on the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM).
Structured in thematic sessions, and benefiting from the participation of experts directly involved in the work of the Advisory Committee, the Conference will be the occasion for an in depth analysis on the achievements and hindrances in the protection of minorities through monitoring mechanisms. In line with the constructive dialogue proper of the work of the Advisory Committee, the conference is to be conceived as a practical occasion to reason on the experiences gained by the Advisory Committee to date and reflect on the potential challenges posed by the upcoming 4th monitoring cycles.



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Ugo Caruso

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