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Summer School "Global Governance: international organisations in crisis"

Venue: London (UK)
Period: Jul. 23 - Aug. 12, 2012
Application deadline: Jun. 2, 2012


The Summer School will discuss the following issues: has global governance backfired? Conflict and dislocation, social protest and poverty borne out of a series of profound economic and political blunders, have exposed the inability of international organisations in their present form to mitigate national and regional crises. How to respond to burgeoning challenges of scarce resource allocation, unfair distribution of power and wealth, and an ingrained imbalance between large and small states? Do we accept future global politics as a 'state of anarchy' or do we further institutionalise them?

The course will try to expose the necessary reforms required of ASEAN, the EU and the UN. It will consider the historical origins, contemporary institutional and policy debates with a comparative and lesson-learning approach, previously exclusively reserved for studies of the nation-state.

During the Summer School, students interested in international relations, law and global governance will get acquainted with the tools and information to form opinions and to debate the most pressing issues facing international global governance today. The course includes a one-day trip to Paris to visit the OECD and the UN UNESCO.

The course aims at providing participants with the following skills and abilities:
 - Relate theory and models to real-world political developments in International Relations;
 - Outline the development of key International Organisations within its historical context;
 - Understand the dynamic between national governments and supranational institutions;
 - Describe in written and oral style some of the questions posed by Global governance and assess the possible outcomes of these dilemmas.

The requirements

The course is suitable for students of international relations, international law, global politics and global governance, as well as anyone interested in the ideas of global governance.


The course fee is £ 1,295.00. Applicants must also pay an application fee of £ 55.

How to participate to the Summer School

For more information on how to participate to the Summer School, read the call for application on PECOB.


Information & contacts

Dr. Diana Bozhilova AKC
Visiting Research Fellow, King's College London

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