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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Renzo Daviddi's profile

Affiliation: Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Full title: PhD
Address: Skenderija 3a, Sarajevo, 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel.: +38733254700
Fax: +38733666037


Main scientific activities

  • Dr. Renzo Daviddi took up the position of the Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina on 15 March 2011. He arrived at this position after having served for about four years as Head of the European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo. He is not new to Bosnia and Herzegovina, having been previously posted in Sarajevo as the Head of Political and Economic Section of the EC Delegation. Before joining the European External Action Service, Dr. Daviddi held several positions within the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission.
  • Dr. Daviddi has an extensive knowledge on the economic and political realities of countries in transition, and most notably of the Western Balkans. He has also a wide-ranging knowledge of Community policies and the functioning of the Union, especially EU enlargement. His previous academic career (at the European University Institute, at Bocconi University in Milan and European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht) was mostly focused on international economic and financial matters and transition issues. He has published several articles and edited four books on transition economics and EU enlargement matters.

Books and other main pubblications

  • L'Euro e la nuova architettura finanziaria internazionale, Monographic issue of the journal "Europa_Europe", 1(6), 1999  (with Moreno Bertoldi).
  • Property rights and privatization in the transition to a market economy. A comparative review, Maastricht, EIPA, 1995.
  • Currencies in Transition. The road towards convertibility in Poland, Russia and Yugoslavia, (with Efisio Espa and Milica Uvalic), Rome, ISCO, 1992.
  • Aiuti, condizionalità e commercio estero nell'Europa centro_orientale, Monographic issue of the journal "Europa_Europe", 1(3), 1992.

Main recent articles

  • “Currencies in the Western Balkans on their way towards EMU”, in: F. Torres et al. (eds.) Governing EMU: Political, Economic Legal and Historical Perspectives, Oxford, O.U.P., 2004 (with Milica Uvalic).
  • “The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union: Major challenges for macroeconomic policies and institutions of Central and East European Countries” European Economic Review, 41(3-5):671-680, 1997 (with Fabienne Ilzkovitz).
  • "Regional trade and foreign currency regimes among the former Soviet republics", (with E. Espa), Economics of Planning, 28, 1995, pp. 29-57.
  • "Privatization in the transition to a market economy", BNL Quarterly Review,  191, 1994, pp. 399-429.
  • "From the CMEA to the 'Europe Agreements'. Trade and aid in the relations between the European Community and Eastern Europe", Economic Systems, 16(2), 1992, pp. 269-294.
  • "Foreign aid and payments agreements in Central and Eastern Europe", (with Efisio Espa), Economic Notes, 21 (1), 1992, pp. 15_38.
  • "The economics of rouble convertibility. New scenarios for the Soviet monetary economy", (with Efisio Espa), BNL Quarterly Review, 171, 1989, pp. 441_467.
  • "Soviet foreign trade reform. Short_term adjustment versus structural variations",  Jahrbuch der Wirtschaft Osteuropas, 13(1), 1989, pp. 221_253.

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