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Giedre Mileryte's profile

Giedre Mileryte's picture

Affiliation: Vytautas Magnus University
Full title: Miss
Address: S. Daukanto g. 25, LT-44249 - Kaunas - Lithuania
Tel.: +37061579027


Main scientific activities

  • G. Mileryte is a phd student at the Vytautas Magnus University. She is writing her disertation on "The Visions of Lithuania and Poland Relations in Emigration: 1945-1990".  Despite the main area of interest she also works on the following topics: emigration from Lithuania Minor region and Lithuanian economi life in interwar period.

Books and other main pubblications

  • 1. From I.B. Volf and Engalman to Ragutis. History of brewery 1853-2008, Kaunas, 2008. (together with dr. Vilma Akmenyte) ISBN 978-9955-772-06-4
  • 2. Lithuania Minor Lithuanians' migration destinies 1944-1959, Vilnius, 2009. ISBN 978-9955-34-246-5
  • 3. Volfas Engelman: The History of Brewery Since 1853, Kaunas, 2011, (together with dr. Vilma Akmenyte  - Ruzgiene) ISBN 9789-955-77-2330
  • 4. Česlovas Milošas and Lithuania, Kaunas, 2011, (together with dr. V. Kamuntaviciene, dr. I. Miklesevic, dr. V. Narusiene)

Main recent articles

  • The epizode of Lisabona in Antanas Smetona emigration story in Darbai ir Dienos, 2009, no. 52 (together with prof. E. Aleksandravičius)

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