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Thursday March 23, 2023
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Energy policy studies

Pecob is glad to announce the launch of the Energy Policy Studies branch! Here you will find fact sheets and specific data on energy issues, policies and infrastructures in the area, along with in-depth analysis of their political and economic impact.

Energy fact sheets

In this section you can find detailed documents that describe energy issues in specific countries, highly focusing on the implications on economics, law, and technology.


Energy infrastructures

This is an interactive section where maps of existing and planned energy infrastructures (pipelines, power plants, solar and wind farms) coexist with synthetical documents on their characteristics.


Energy analyses

Energy Analyses are brief research documents on single issues concerning energy. They cover bilateral or multilateral relations between countries or country-specific policy issues mainly shaped by the energy component. Their uniqueness is to be found in the "Future Scenarios" paragraph included in each document.


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