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Energy fact sheet on Kazakhstan

by Paolo Sorbello and Ludovico Grandi


Kazakhstan has a vast  energy endowment. Astana's status of exporting country draws interest in the overall industry structure, in the legislation regarding oil and gas, and in the central government's energy  policies. The Energy Fact Sheet on Kazakhstan provides key data and information in a condensed form, favoring a comprehensive analysis of the main energy issues faced by the country. The comparative study of legal forms of venture and the analytical emphasis on taxation provides an up-to-date tool for the researcher.

Table of contents

I. Overview
  I/1 Key Economic Indicators
  I/2 The Energy Mix
II. Energy Legislation
  II/1 General Legal Framework
  II/2 Subsoil Ownership
  II/3 Forms of Ventures
    II/3/a Joint Ventures
    II/3/b Licensing Contracts
    II/3/c Production Sharing Agreements
  II/4. Energy Taxation
III. Oil and Gas Industry


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