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Changes in Russian foreign policy discourse and concept of "Russian World"

October 2011 | #16

by: Oleksii Polegkyi
pp: 25
ISSN: 2038-632X

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The present paper will focus on the analysis of changes in Russian foreign policy discourse and the conception of Russian world as an instrument of new Russian soft power strategy. According to a wide topic of this paper we will have to deal with two main concepts here. One is the concept of discourse or even discursive practice which is theoretical and methodological background for this study and other one is the concept of Russian world which is conceptual frame through which now is constructing the Russian foreign policy and in some sense even Russian identity at whole.

Important part of Russian foreign policy and public diplomacy is concerned with affecting very specific discursive elements. The term “Russian World” is generally understood to comprise not only the Russian Diaspora itself, but also an ideological concept of Russia, as one of political and civilization centers of the world. More and more often, the ideological fundamentals of the foreign policy were formulated in terms of civilization affiliation of the country.

The concept “Russian World” is an instrument for popularizing the Russian language, culture and its mis­sion in the world. Russia uses its compatriots’ policy as a way of exerting soft power on neighboring countries. Moreover, through foreign policy issues and through a reflection on Russia’s place in the World order, its status and even its identity, Russian society can experience itself as a whole.



Russian world, foreign policy, discourse, Russian identity

Table of content

1. Introduction
2. Changes in Russian foreign policy
3. "Russian World" and "Russian Identity"
4. The conception of "Russian World"
5. Conclusion

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