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Between Two Worlds: Phenomenological Dimensions of Home and Migration Experiences

Venue: Ohrid (Macedonia)
Period: Aug. 12 - 16, 2012
Application deadline: Jun. 15, 2012

Summer School: Between Two Worlds: Phenomenological Dimensions of Home and Migration Experiences

Migration experiences and mass trans-national and cultural movements since World War II, as well as the dynamism of the cultural industry which caused epic changes in typological, phenomenological and cultural paradigms in reading of so called "new migration" in the world - represent the central subject of discussion at this school. Key issues that oscillate around the academic debate are: ideological and technological implications in creatingforced migration versus migration by choice, the concepts of comparative theorization between different national, ethnic and racial entities, narrative of the memory in the creation of transnational cultural attributes of the country which is not the country of origin of migrants, sociological paradigms and ambivalence of re-territorialization  of the modern subject of migrants, the issueof being homed, home, intimate, gender, religious,sexual, cultural illuminations and their paradigm and theoretical discourses incontemporary cultural theories.

The academic focal interest of this academic discussion is to create a bridge between the theoryof migration and the humanities and social sciences through the interest of linguistic, visual, cultural and discursive practices through the experiences of migration and its manifesting interdisciplinary forms through the experience of modern discourses to produce, to disseminate and to anticipate new knowledge.

The Summer School isintegral part of Ohrid Summer University (OSU) which is an academic program for young faculty, PhD candidates, postgraduates, researchers and professionals,which offers intensive, problem oriented and research based courses from the domain of social sciences and humanities. OSU was founded in 1998 and has functioned continuously since then, as one of the core programs of the“Euro-Balkan” Institute, involving a significant number of both junior and senior members of academic communities from various countries. Located in the city of Ohrid, the centuries-long cultural metropolis of the Balkan region, OSU encompasses a variety of social and cultural events, provides appropriate locations outdoor classes and includes educative excursions to the famous archaeological sites and cultural monuments, situated on the shores of the Ohrid Lake.

The requirements

Participants should be postgraduate students (preferably MA, PhD student or young researchers) interested in exploringthe issues of Cultural Studies, Visual Arts and Humanitiesand related Studies. Participants from all countries are eligible toparticipate.


Tuition fee: 450 euro. The fee coverstuitionand study material during the school, use of libraryand computer room at the Campus with free internet, tour of the numerous ancient and medieval monuments in the UNESCO protected city of Ohrid located at theshore of the unforgettably beautiful Ohrid Lake.

Other arrangements for accommodation, transportation and other expensesshould be arranged by applicants on themselves.Note that the institute offers 20% discount if the participantpay the total fee to 15th of April and 10% discount if the participantpay the total fee to 1st of. Note that they can also provide for the interested participants discount prices for accommodation in Hotel Pella.


The Institutefor Social and Humanities Research "Euro-Balkan" is participating inthe Network of Central European ExchangeProgram for University Studies (CEEPUS). Selected students from the list of institutions in CEEPUScountries (Albania, Austria,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary,Macedonia, Moldavia,Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Prishtina) may apply for aCEEPUS scholarship. See the website CEEPUS for details andcontact your National CEEPUS Agency. 


How to participate in the Summer School

Application for the summer school should be downloaded here. The application and additional materials can then be e-mailed to


Information & contacts

Dragana Karovska (Academic Coordinator of OSU)
Euro-Balkan Institute
address: Blvd. Partizanski Odredi 63,1000, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
tel.: 00.389.


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