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K.A.Sa in Albania

Venue: Scutari, Tirana (Albania)
Period: Jun. 13-15, 2011


The Kara Bobowski cooperative of Modigliana (FC) is pleased to announce that it will hold two meetings in Albania on June 14th and 15th to sensitize young people to the value of volunteering and to present the opportunities offered by the SVE (European Volunteer Service).
The idea behind these meetings stems from the project "K.A.Sa in Albania", organized by the Kara Bobowski cooperative, Abbraccio Verde, Sadurano Salus and co-financed by the Forlì-Cesena Chamber of Commerce.
Some Albanian associations the Kara Bobowski came into contact with during this project pointed out that young people in Albania do not consider volunteering a useful or educational experience due to the cultural legacy left by the authoritarian regime that governed Albania for over 50 years (when citizens were forced to “volunteer”). 
Kara Bobowski was asked to illustrate to young Albanians the European Volunteer Service as an opportunity for personal enrichment and growth, by organizing two public meetings:  
the first will be in Scutari at a youth association;
the second will be in Tirana at the university faculty of social sciences.
Presenters at these meetings will be various professionals from the cooperative (including the manager of SVE and the president) and two young SVE volunteers (a Spanish girl who is finishing her service at the cooperative and an Italian boy who went to Spain with Kara for a volunteering experience).


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