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Party system and social cleavages: the case of the post-communist Albanian elections

April 2011 | #10

by: Endri Xhaferaj
pp: 26
ISSN: 2038-632X

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April 2011 | #10


The article analyses in a comparative and qualitative prospective the Albanian party system in the twenty years of post-communist transition. It intends to give a detailed panorama and trace the process of Albanian electoral systems, and hence induce stability and democratization path dependencies in the light of the historically recognized social cleavages.



Albania, party system, social cleavage, electoral systems, European Union, stability

Table of contents

1 Introduction
2 Theoretical background
3 Historical background of Albanian party system
3.1 Party development in pre-communist Albania
3.2 Party development in post-communist Albania
4 Social Cleavages in the Albanian party system
5 Electoral system
5.1 The 1996 Elections
5.2 The 1997 Elections-Albania’s second chance
5.3 The aftermath of 2001 Elections
5.4 The 2005 elections and electoral system-test ofdemocracy?
5.5 2009 elections
6 Conclusions
6.1 The shift from mixed proportional to regionalproportional electoral system in Albania deepens the historical socialcleavages
6.2 The more the shift from mixed proportional to regionalproportional electoral system in, the more it creates post-electoral politicaldestabilization.

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