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Conference on the Institutional and Economic Cooperation between Italy and Serbia

Venue: Bertinoro (Italy)
Period: Mar. 24 - 25, 2011


In recent years, the institutional and economic cooperation between Italy and Serbia has increased significantly. Serbia has become a very profitable territory for Italian investors with many enterprises chosing this country as the location for their business already.

The 'Forum sulla Cooperazione Istituzionale ed Economica tra Italia e Serbia', organised at the Centro Residenziale Universitario of Bertinoro on the 24 and 25 March, will discuss the future potential of cooperation between Italy and Serbia. Experts and authorities from both Italy and Serbia, including representatives of Italian firms, will contribute to the discussion on this topic.

Download full flyer to see program details.
N.B. this program will be in Italian and Serbian language only.


The participants

Participants include:

  • Sanda Rašković Ivić, Serbian Ambassador to Italy
  • Rade Berbakov, 1st Consular officer at the Serbian Embassy in Italy
  • Roberto Orlando, Vice-Chair of Unita Balcani and Director General for EU affairs at the Italian Foreign Ministry
  • Gian Luca Gregori, Chair of the Economics Dept. at the Polytechnic Univery of Marche

How to participate to the Conference

This conference is free and open to the public without registration.
Any companies that want to take part must register. Please see instructions on the program flyer or on the website.

Organizer and Partners

Information & contacts

Michela Schiavi
Centro Residenzale Universitario di Bertinoro
tel: 0039.0543.446.558
fax: 0039.0543.446.557


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