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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Višnja Samardžija's 's profile

Višnja Samardžija's picture

Affiliation: Institute for International Relations - IMO (research institute)
Full title: Višnja Samardžija, PhD
Address: Ljudevita Farkaa Vukotinovica
10 000 - Zagreb - Croatia
Tel.: 00385 - 1 - 4877460
Fax: 00385 - 1 - 4828361


Main scientific activities

  • Višnja Samardžija obtained her PhD (1993) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. She is Head of the Department for European Integration in the Institute for International Relations - IMO, Zagreb which she joined in 1981. She was assistant minister in the Ministry for European Integration, Republic of Croatia (2000 and 2004), currently member of two negotiating working groups on EU membership. She is member of the Board in TEPSA (Trans European Policy Studies Association, Brussels). She coordinated a number of international projects; published articles in journals, books and proceedings in Croatia and abroad. Area of interest: EU enlargement, South-Eastern Europe, EU accession of Croatia. She is editor of the IMO book series Europe launched in 1994, a member of the Editorial board of the web portal EnterEurope and was the editor of the IMO bulletin Euroscope (1991-2005). She lectures on European studies programmes (Faculty of Political Science - Advanced Master of European Studies, Course Economics of Enlargement, Zagreb and University J.J. Strossmayer Osijek, European Studies programme - Course Institutional Aspects of EU Accession).

Books and other main pubblications

  • V. Samardzija, Z. Zivkovic, Support to promotion of reciprocal understanding of relations and dialogue between the European Union and the Western Balkans: National Report on Internal market, under The Specific Grant Agreement RELEX 1-2 190202 REG 4-14
  • V. Samardzija, Europska unija i Hrvatska - Putevi povezivanja i suradnje [European Union and Croatia - Towards Cooperation and Integration], IMO Zagreb 1994

Edited Books

  • V. Samardzija, H. Butkovic (eds.), From Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020, IMO, Zagreb, 2010
  • V. Samardzija, A. Dukes (eds.), Communicating Integration Impact in Croatia and Ireland. IMO i Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA), Zagreb and Dublin, 2008
  • V. Samardzija, Reforms in Lisbon Strategy Implementation: Economic and Social Dimension, IMO and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Zagreb, 2006
  • V. Samardzija, Stanicic, Nikic (eds.), Hrvatska i EU: Koristi i trokovi integriranja [Croatia and the EU: Costs and benefits of integration], IMO, Zagreb, 2000

Main recent articles

  • Butkovic, H., Samardzija, V., "Rethinking Euroscepticism: The Institutional and Policy Dimension", in Krisztina Arató, Petr Kaniok (eds.), Euroscepticism and European Integration, Political Science Research Centre Zagreb, Zagreb, 2009
  • Samardzija, V., Vuletic, D., "The Challenges for Croatia in European social dialogue", in Croatian international relations review (1331-1182) XIV (2008), 52/53, pp. 83-94
  • Samardzija, V., Vidacak, I., "The challenges of communicating EU integration issues in Croatia", in V. Samardzija, A. Dukes (eds.), Communicating Integration Impact in Croatia and Ireland, IMO i Institute for International and European Affairs (IIEA), Zagreb and Dublin, 2008
  • Samardzija, V., "Southeastern Europe in an Enlarged Europe", in Deimel, J., Van Meurs, W. (eds.), The Balkan Prism. A Retrospective by Policy-Makers and Analysts, Verlag Otto Sagner, Munchen, 2007
  • Samardzija, V., "Enlargement on Crossroads: Prospects for Croatia and the South-Eastern Europe", in Agh, A. and Ferencz, A. (eds.), Overcoming the EU Crisis: EU Perspectives after the Eastern Enlargement, Budapest, 2007
  • Samardzija, V., "Challenges of Croatia and EU integration: is the fast track approach possible?", in Medzinárodné otázky (1210-1583) 14 (2005), 1, pp. 52-66.
  • Samardzija, V., Stanicic, M., "Croatia on the path towards the EU: conditionality and challenge of negotiations", in Croatian International Relations Review - CIRR, vol. 10, 2004, no. 36/37, pp. 97-103


  • "Support to Donor Coordination and Monitoring Towards Enhanced European Integration of Kosovo", supported by Deutsche Gesselschaft for Techniche Zussamenarbeit - GTZ (2010)
  • "Lisbon Strategy - Framework for reforms in EU and Croatia", supported by Ministry of Science and Education (research coordinator since 2007 - today)
  • French and Croatian Partnership for Promoting European Integration (series of lectures, in cooperation with French Embassy in Croatia)
  • Eastern and Central European Countries before and after Accession, coordinated by Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the Eötvös Loránd University from Budapest (2010 - 2011)
  • ERASMUS Academic Network: LIBOAN - Linking Interdisciplinary Integration Studies by broadening the European Network (coordinated by University of Cologne, Jean Monnet Chair)
  • Ljubljana Agenda for the New Phase of the Stabilisation and Association Process, Regional Network of Think Tank Organizations (Balkan Trust for Democracy, Belgrade and East-East Fund Washington, 2008 coordinator for Croatia)
  • FP6 project EU CONSENT - Network of Exellence. FP6 Project, European Commission. Coordinated by Cologne University, Germany (2005-2008).

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