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European Regional Master's Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe

Artan Rogova's profile

Affiliation: Group for Legal and Political Studies
Address: Rexhep Luci, Nr. 5 
10 000 - Prishtina - Kosovo
Tel.: 00377 - 44 - 661208


Main scientific activities

  • Development studies, monetary economics, economic strategic planning towards EU integration, competition law and policy, project management life cycle and project management methodology, financial analysis etc. 

Books and other main pubblications

  • "Introduction of the Maastricht Convergence Criteria to the Eurozone prospective accession countries: The case of Western Balkans", Policy Research Working Paper Series, Paper no. 4/2009, Universum University College
  • "Establishing a Competitive Market Economy: Legal and Economic analysis of the Kosovo’s Law on Competition", forthcoming at the Contemporary Issues in Law, Volume 10 Issue 3

Main recent articles

  • "Evaluation of Retail Trends and Office Market Potential in Kosovo", Universum University College, Business in Kosovo Policy Paper Series, No. 02/2010

Other pubblications

  • "Economic Reflections after the Instalment of a new Term central (electric plant) in Kosovo", Group for Legal and Political Studies Press. Discussion Paper (2008)
  • "The Strategy for cooperation in Western Balkans", Group for Legal and Political Studies Press, Policy Paper


  • Involved in assessing democracy in the Western Balkans is a current research project of the Group for Legal and Political Studies. This research project is primarily aimed at researching the democratization process in the Western Balkan countries. The assessment of democratization is in principle aimed at measuring the institutional but also behavioural aspects of the political systems of these given countries.

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